Apple Cider Vinegar weight loss recipes
Cameron diggs, digital Nutrients

Cameron diggs, digital Nutrients

Apple Cider Vinegar Weight Loss recipe

Obesity can be defined as simply having too much body fat. Different from being overweight, obesity is characterized by the fat stores rather than just excess weight. Obesity occurs as an individual consumes more calories than his or her body uses. As the calories are consumed but not used, the energy is stored in fat buildup.
The combination of cinnamon and honey has long been not only a tasty favorite but a trusted home remedy for a large number of ailments going back to Ayurvedic medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine. The antiseptic and protective attributes of each ingredient are well-respected, and science is continually uncovering anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and other additional benefits from each of them. However, combining honey and cinnamon together seems to enhance their value as natural remedies beyond what they can do alone.
In addition to its plethora other health benefits, Apple Cider Vinegar has been touted for centuries as an excellent natural remedy for weight loss. Apple cider vinegar’s many other health benefits include its use as a supplement in an alkalizing diet, to cure food poisoning, in controlling acid reflux, and to moderate blood sugar levels.
“WEIGHT-LOSS” Ingredients:
4 tbsp raw honey
2 tbsp cinnamon
2 tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar (Raw)
16 ounces filtered water
Boil the water. Take it off the heat and add the cinnamon.
Cover and let it cool for a while or until it is cooled (room temperature, because the heat will destroy its healing properties, enzymes and useful nutrients of the honey.).
Then add the Honey and a Apple Cider Vinegar and stir well.
Drink half of the drink before you go to bed, and keep the rest for the next day.
Remember, you should never re-warm the drink, just stir.
To obtain the best results always drink this drink before you go to sleep.

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